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The Internet is an important tool with tremendous potential to aid businesses.
Amid the hype and techno-babble are real ways in which your business can
work more efficiently and advertise more effectively. Counterpoint feels that
in order to get through the mire, Internet providers and consultants need to
be sure clients are making informed decisions.

The truth of it is, Counterpoint is made up of people who think computers
and the Internet are pretty cool. We realized there are many less talented
people out there offering mediocre service. We decided that we could do
better, and have a good time doing it.

We have the knowledge, expertise, and motivation to work with you so that
you can make use of what information technology is beginning to offer. We're
not here to put you in a package; we think that we can mutually benefit from
working with each other. And that's the Mission.

Please contact us for additional information.